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Welcome To Digital Ayaan!

Hello friends! I’m Ayaan Bhattacharjee. I’m a technical content writer and copywriter with extensive hands-on experience since 2018. Academically I’m an MBA graduate.

Here is a heads-up about my personal life. I have been battling kidney disease since 2013. But in 2019, things got worse, and My regular dialysis began in October 2019. I had to do undergo dialysis for 3 years. After a lot of struggle, on 23/11/2022, I had my KIDNEY TRANSPLANT operation conducted successfully.

This is my technical content blogging website, where I’ll share in-depth information, courses and the best tools to help you upskill yourself as per industry demands. This website contains information on niches like Machine learning and Artificial intelligence, B2B SaaS, Blockchain & Crypto, DevOps, Web3, Cyber security, Fintech, Technology, ecommerce, Digital marketing and SEO.

If you have any queries regarding the Site, Advertisement or any other issue, please feel free to contact me at hi@godigitalwithayaan.com